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“Flu-v” the new universal flu vaccine that could protect for a lifetime

The new universal flu vaccine which will only need to be administered just once has been by researchers. The vaccine has been found to be effective against a number of different types of flu virus, including avian flu and swine flu

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At risk groups and pregnant women urged to take flu jab

Data published by the Department of Health yesterday revealed that  just one in three in at-risk groups and 14 per cent of pregnant women have come forward for the flu jab. The government have been quick to respond and has

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Britain on alert for Killer “Super Flu”

According to leading Flu experts, the UK should be on alert for a a new strain killer flu which could spread to ­Britain within 24 hours. They have gone as far as to dub it as “one of the biggest

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Could social media track flu outbreaks?

New research from the Bristol University suggests that social media could be used to track an events such as flu outbreaks. A team from the Universities Intelligent Systems Laboratory have built a predictive model that was able to identify keywords

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North Somerset NHS urges pregnant women to get the flu jab

According to NHS North Somerset thousands of pregnant women could be putting both themselves and their unborn baby at risk if they do not get a free flu jab provided by the NHS. Over  2,000 women in the North Somerset area

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