Experts has labeled today as  “Flu Monday” as its the day of the year that we are most likely to catch a cold or the flu.

This increased risk is caused by our immune system taking a turn for the worst after ending our post-Christmas detox. The  shock of going back to our unhealthy lives can leave us wide open to catching all manner of bugs.

A poll by Kleenex Balsam tissues of more than 2,000 people has revealed that a whopping 71% attempted give up smoking, drink less and eat a healthier diet after the festive excess. However by February half of those asked have already given up the new healthy lifestyle and returned to their old habits.

Media Doctors, GP Dr Rob Hicks said, “For health – and often financial – reasons we tend to cut back in January: socialising less, and pursuing health drives such as eating healthily, giving our bodies a chance to recuperate after the over indulgence of Christmas.”