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Swine flu vacine Pandemrix raises risk of narcolepsy in children

New research suggests that the swine flu jab given to hundreds of thousands of children in the UK can increase the risk of developing the sleep disorder narcolepsy. Health officials have expressed concern over the figures that show for every 55,000 doses

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Pregnant women urged to get flu vaccination over the usual flu remedies

Experts are urging pregnant women to rethink their usual habits when treating the dreaded flu virus. Most people wouldn’t think twice before heading to the pharmacy for the latest “flu remedy” but expectant mothers have been urged to speak to their obstetrician before

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Study Shows Flu virus “knows when to attack”

A study in the Cell Reports journal has shown that the flu has an in-built clock which tells the virus exactly when to strike to have the maximum impact on the host. Researchers have discovered that the virus slowly accumulates

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Britain on alert for Killer “Super Flu”

According to leading Flu experts, the UK should be on alert for a a new strain killer flu which could spread to ­Britain within 24 hours. They have gone as far as to dub it as “one of the biggest

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A new generation flu vaccines ‘urgently needed’

Researchers who analysed over 40 years of data have  concluded the current  crop of vaccines offers only inadequate protection against seasonal flu outbreaks and serious pandemics alike. Evidence for their effectiveness in older individuals was lacking, according the researchers who

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Flu vaccine while pregnant ‘protects baby’

A study published by the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecolog found that infants born to mothers who received the flu vaccine during pregnancy were between 45 to 48% less likely to be admitted to hospital with laboratory-confirmed influenza. US

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