The Flu season is starting to wind down in the Northern Hemisphere with the US reporting that 105 children have died as a direct result of the flu virus.

These recent figures are about average for the US, even though the flu season started a month earlier than has been expected.

However further information released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given a little more food for thought.  It’s been revealed that of the 105 who died as a direct result of the flu, 90 percent of them has not been vaccinated against the virus.

The CDC recommends that all children ages 6 months and older be vaccinated against flu each season. In the US only about half of this group are given the flu shot (vaccination) or nasal spray.

The report by the CDC concluded that all but four of the children who died were old enough to be vaccinated, but 90 percent of them did not get vaccinated.

The recent controversy regarding the link between the Flu vaccine and Childhood Narcolepy has done little to promote the uptake of the shot. It’s hoped that these figures help promote the vaccination and increase the uptake across the entire population, especially those in the high risk groups.

The UK’s NHS strongly recommends the flu vaccination for all at risk groups, this includes all children. Click for more information on the UK Flu vaccination or speak to your Doctor or GP.